Interactive Media Certificate Program Portfolio Site

For the Interactive Media Certificate Program, I created a showcase portfolio website that included elements of reflection and process of the work I completed while I was in the IMCP program. The site is evocative of a file cabinet, or a desk drawer where ideas linger, wait, are in need of revision and transform but that are none the less part of the learning and personal growth process. In my work, the creative process and the personal journey towards a meaningful life are the components of each completed piece. In light of this, the design concept for the site is reflective of the personal development I underwent while at IMCP. The target audience, purpose and context, impact the work in my portfolio to the extent that collaboration, interaction, connectivity, self-discovery and feeling are part of the piece itself.

The site includes pieces that are ideas for larger projects that I wanted to present to possible funders and collaborators as works in progress.

I critically defined my work as reflective of a personality that takes into account multiple possibilities, and as someone who thinks critically, creatively and socially.

I to incorporated sketches and statements of purpose in the tradition of the artist’s sketchbook combined with an academic’s field notebook. I included the creation or discovery or articulation of my own identity in the world of work as I considered new career plans (much of the work I created in the program reflects this).

IMCP was an opportunity for me not only to expand my video production skills but also a way to explore a new professional identity. I had been working out a transition from teacher (artist and independent documentary maker) to student who was learning new skills. Peer review played a crucial role in my development as a designer and creator, it is thanks to the input of peers that work is contested but also advanced. This site is the product of learning from others and considering my peers as a large part of my audience.

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This page introduces the audience to my site and the contents that it will be outlining. It explains the background of the program and this website as being an experimental product of the various applications, resumes, and profiles that are necessary in the professional world. This portfolio is an experiment in understanding myself as a worker through the projects I produced through the Interactive Media Certificate Program.

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This page experiments with a more introspective look into myself as a professional. While most portfolios focus on a more utilitarian profile, this page delves into the emotional aspects that define myself as an individual. This is paired with a graphic design project showcasing an advertisement for state-funded emotional support for those in economic hardship. This juxtaposition is meant to evoke the worker or employee as being more than a utility, but rather a complex individual who works and sacrifices to support themselves and others. 

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This is the image found on the page entitled "Print" on the ICMP portfolio site. It showcases a preliminary site design for the final product as well as a book cover design project. The cover is a conceptual design for a memoir I would be citing on my portfolio entitled Labyrinth of Serenity: Play Hide and go Seek in the Dark. Placed under the published print section of my portfolio, this project provokes an irony in the professional profile format. The memoir as a genre is a representation of a lifetime of accomplishments and experiences but this piece is also showcasing myself as vulnerable and complex. 

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The Multimedia page of the portfolio site showcases five different projects I pursued during IMCP, showcasing a several different digital formats. These pieces showcase my thorough familiarity with video editing and media creation in a variety of contexts.

In addition to these four video projects, the Multimedia Page also includes an interactive infographic outlining an effort in inclusive teaching practices in the US education system known as Common Core Standards. The piece showcases my understanding of Javascript functions, as well as a personal investment in fair practices in both early and advanced education.